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Buying Custom Furniture that’s Safe for Babies

Buying custom furniture for a safe happy baby is a must for any parent worth his or her salt. Like the best baby gate for top of stairs keeps the little one secure and far from falling off. Other furniture like a high chair ensures that you child is eating comfortably with the family at the dining table. Now there are a lot of brands out there so how do you choose which one is the best for your little one? In this article, I will give you some tips on how you can go about choosing the best furniture for your baby.

Tips on Buying Baby Furniture and Equipment

When buying a crib, make sure that it meets all the safety specifications. All brand new cribs sold in the stores nowadays are required to meet safety standards. But if you’re looking for a second-hand crib, make sure that you inspect it for defects. Be careful not to fall for those than been recalled. Most of the time, things are recalled for failing to meet the standards. Bear in mind, though your baby will soon outgrow the crib so don’t spend too much on it.

When buying bedding for the crib, make sure to include a waterproof flannel-backed mattress. This will ensure that the baby stays dry and cool all day. Avoid those infant cushions made of soft fabric covering and plastic pellets. That stuff easily breaks and the plastic pellets might end up in your baby’s mouth.

For better changing of baby’s clothes, a changing table that meets specification is a must. It must have a padded mat or a carpet and must be placed against the wall and not a window. You are courting disaster if you place the changing table against a window.

Another thing that you need to invest on is a huge plastic bathtub. This will make washing your baby a breeze and safe. Make sure that your washing area is clean and there is nothing in it that the baby can easily put inside the mouth. Adjust the water temperature properly when you bathe your baby.

Keep All Things Pertaining to Your Baby Clean

Everything in the nursery must be spotlessly clean. Surfaces of windows, floor coverings must be all washable and you have to wash them on a regular basis. Stuffed toys are cute around infants but bear in mind that they are good at collecting dust. It must all be washed regularly to ensure that the baby is playing with clean toys. Leaving these toys around gathering dust is the best recipe for babies developing running nose.

If you notice that the air is dry in the nursery, invest in a decent humidifier. This will help your baby in times when he or she develops stuffy nose. Again, this also needs to be cleaned regularly and you also need to empty it when not in use. The reason behind this is that bacteria will thrive in the water inside it when stored for a long period.

Ceramics And Durability Even Beyond

When deciding on material’s durability, the tile industry has made it easier by coming up with a rating tumblr_inline_nt1259GNX21tzoku7_1280system. This system is called the PEI scale.

The ceramic tile makers have made it easier to do a classification. For you to determine which tiles are suitable choices for your application, the PEI system rates the surface of a tile from Class 1 to Class 5. Class 1 is the least resistant to abrasion. Class 5 is the most resistant.

Floor tiles take a lot of abuse and need to be manufactured to withstand the daily wear and tear. While any tile can be used on the wall and may not require a higher tile rating. A Class 2 or greater is a good choice for light traffic on residential floors. Higher traffic areas such as kitchens and entryways may have a Class 3 or greater to hold up the best.

Natural Stones

Though it does not follow the rating system because natural stones are not man made. Much of this flooring still holds strong today, as stones have been used for thousands of years already. It will be good to find trained consultants with more than enough knowledge to guide you through which options to have. It will give you a long lasting durable floor once you have decided on which proper material to use. With the beauty and character you can only get from a natural stone it is a great choice.


Other Options

Feel free to explore new materials to expand your flooring options. Choices range from cork to recycled concrete. There are glass tiles, which are made specifically for many flooring applications.

Tiles availability range from the small 3/8″ ones to 24″x48″ slab types. You may find other tiles and everything in between too. Larger tiles for floor and wall applications are recent shift. Those having Kitchen-Show-Web-Photo13″x13″ sizes have been becoming popular. The ones measuring 8″x10″ is the most popular for wall options. Up and coming sizes being 16″x16″ for floors and 8″x12″ for walls.

As many of the tiles are imported from Europe the current trend are even larger tiles having clean straight edges.

There are now many 12″x24″ tile options for floors and wall. Larger tiles make a space appear larger and that is the main reason. Coming in multiple sizes allow the creation of interesting patterns.

Colors Rule

There are a few basic rules to remember. Still only you can decide which colors are right for you.

To make a space appear larger use lighter colors. To add warmth and hide dirt well use darker hues. To allow you to change your accessories from time to time, it is safe to use neutral colors. Trendy colors are good for focal points or accent areas.

Just keep in mind that your decisions will be with you for a long time. Choose properly.

Shades Matter

over_pic1Though most of the tiles look almost identical from piece to piece, color and shade variations provide more depth and character to give an overall look. Each time they are produced or quarried man made tiles and natural stones will still vary each time. It is recommended to view multiple pieces of the current shade lot if you require specific shades.

This is truer with natural stones, as tiles will vary a lot. So it’s always a good idea to see a couple of pieces first to see the overall picture. Any questions or concerns about your tile selection should be clarified prior to installation.

There may be shades that will spoil the overall look.